Friday, April 6, 2012

'Tis Time to Garden!

It's time to start planting!  So last Monday I finally planted some starters, including 35 different types of plants!  I hope our garden this year will be full and gorgeous and delicious!

There are a lot of different things to use to start plants, a few really cool recyclable/eco-friendly type of ones such as these using a lemon peel, or these using egg shells.  I have also thought about using an old egg carton.  However, I really like using the Jiffy one because it comes will all the little dirt pellets so I don't have to get everything dirty with a bag of soil, and it has the plastic lid thing to create a greenhouse-like environment.

I have never planted this many seeds before!  Usually I use a small 12 spaced Jiffy container because my garden usually consists of plastic pots and not a garden spot, but I have a garden spot now!  So I went all out!  The only thing bad that I encounter is knowing which seeds I planted in which spot :(.  This year I made a grid in Word and labeled each spot, so far it's working well!

Luckily we have had some pretty good sunlight here (except the last few days :( ), but enough that these seeds have been going crazy!  After only one week this is what they looked like!
I am very hopeful for our garden, and super excited!  And I have decided that, for the herbs I have planted, I would like to make a "Tower of Herbs".  Looks like it would be super helpful!  And I can keep it on the back porch, easy to get to for cooking, and hopefully Bruce the cat won't eat them...haha.

And lastly, I have to admit, I am a bit of a Pinterest addict.  I have found a few nifty things that I would like to try out in my garden this year, check them out!

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