Sunday, April 22, 2012

Apron Time!

A dear friend of mine had a birthday last week, and since he cooks frequently, I thought it would be a nice gesture to make him an apron!  I looked and looked for different tutorials on how to make an apron and found this one and also this one that I thought would be great helps.  In the end, I used them a bit but ended up doing my own thing.  Really, what I needed the most help with was just figure out how long to make the neck strap and the waist ties.

I was really worried about the pattern.  I wanted to find a free pattern online but didn't really like any of them that I came across.  In the end I took an apron I had at home, folded my fabric in half lengthwise with the apron (also folded in half lengthwise) on top of it, and traced it, giving it an extra inch all the way around for hemming.  I also added a pocket that was 7"x12" (8"x13" to give it a hem).

Doubling over the edges, I sewed a zig-zag stitch all the way around.  Well, first sewing the bottom and arm areas, then the top and sides just so everything was folded over nicely.  The tricky part was figuring out what to do with the backside so the neck strap sewn area wasn't ghastly.  I took a rectangle the same length as the top of the neck area, and 2" wide, folded and pinned the hem, and pinned it to the back of the apron to cover the neck strap sewn part, and sewed it all together.

Cotton twill tape was used for the straps, and fold over and sewn using a zig-zag stitch so they will not come unraveled (hopefully!).

It took me a while to get this project done (probably about 3 hours) just because I am so slow and unaccustomed to sewing a lot and did not want to screw up!  But all in all, I think it turned out well :)  I have yet to hear if he likes it and will use it.  And silly me, I was so excited to get it sent off that I did not take pictures of it...the picture you see is that of the fabric that I used.  Fun and kitchen-y, and I figured it was unisex :)

Along with apron sewing, I have more baby shoes I have made, and a dress and diaper cover that have yet to be put together!  So pictures and post of those soon :)

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