Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ruffled Diaper Cover

I'm going a little baby crazy.  I just finished a cute little dress using this tutorial/pattern.  Super simple and super adorable!  It was my first time sewing a dress, and it worked out pretty well :)  My first time using piping too!  Wasn't too hard.  The tutorial uses bias tape at the bottom of the dress.  I skipped that and just hemmed it 1/4".

And, I just HAD to make matching shoes and diaper cover.

 Finished diaper cover front.

For the diaper cover, I used this basic pattern for the cover, and then this tutorial for the ruffles, but with my own twist.  So here we go!

1.  Using the first link, use the pattern to cut out your diaper cover.
2.  Cut out three strips of contrasting fabric that are 3"x21".
3.  With the strips, fold over each long side 1/2" and press.
4.  Hem one side of each strip with a straight stitch.
5.  Using a longer stitch with high tension (on my machine it's 9-tension, 0-width, 4-length), or a ruffle foot, ruffle the other long side of each strip.
6.  Looking at the basic diaper cover tutorial, the waist will be folded over 3/4" to make a casing for the elastic, so I folded over and marked with a pencil.  I then used a ruler to make another line 1/2" down from that line where the first ruffle will go.  Then mark another line 3/4" down from the line you just marked, and then another line 3/4" down from the previous line.  Each of these 3 lines is where you will place the ruffle.

 Lines Marked on Fabric where to place the ruffles.

7.  Spread the ruffle out so it lies more flat but so it is still gathered, and place and pin on the bottom line.  Using a regular stitch and using 1/4" seam, sew ruffle to diaper cover.  Take out the long ruffle stitch.

First ruffle ready to sew!

8.  Place next ruffle on the line above the already sewn ruffle and repeat #7.

Second ruffle ready to sew on.

9.  Do the same with the last ruffle.

All three ruffles!

10.  Trim off the excess ruffles.
11.  Follow the directions from the basic diaper cover!

 Back of finished diaper cover!  Can't wait to see it on her!

And all three pieces!  Bright and cheery and ready for the summer!

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