I am a recently certified science teacher, and I can't wait to get my own classroom!  Until then, it seems like I have a bit more time on my hands!  So I am trying to use that energy and time to get to creating all the things I have been wanting to create!  I am constantly writing notes to myself on post its, or grabbing my small pocket journal to sketch new jewelry ideas.  I spend a lot of time browsing Etsy, and always find inspiring things!  And then there is Pintrest, and all the awesome blogs and things I find from there.  And then I am always on the lookout for new great recipes!  My browser bookmarks are overflowing with things I want to create, and recipes I want to try! 

As my first post says, I created this blog, mainly for the purpose of tracking what I make, how I make it, and how well it turns out, so a little selfish, but then at the same time I realized that maybe someone out there may enjoy seeing my process of how I create my own crocheting patterns, or seeing that there is someone else out there the screws up once in a while.  I know that I enjoy finding such blogs! So we will see how this thing goes :)

I am a science teacher, and love it! 
I love film photography. 
I love cooking. 
I love making things. 
I love making and selling jewelry. 
I love collecting buttons. 
I love to crochet.
I love to knit. 
I pretend I know how to sew. 
I love geology. 
I love rocks, and collecting them. 
I love dinosaurs. 
I love fossils. 
I love the ocean. 
I love smashed pennies. 
And more!