Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scripture Case Tutorial

So, I am cruising around on Pinterest (like I need another time waster...) and I come across a scripture case tutorial, and it reminded me of the tutorial I used for my own scripture case and figured I would share!

So sometime last year, after lots and lots of thought about making a scripture case, I found this tutorial and decided to try it, with some modifications.  I used the concept of using the flaps to hold each side of the scripture case, but decided I didn't want/need handles, but I did need a pencil holder, and I did want it to folder over and button on the front.  I was in a gray and yellow phase at the time.  And I really wanted to use some buttons from my vintage button collection.  Because I have a lot of wonderful buttons.  :)

After a year of use, I have several modifications that I would like to make, such as make the button holes be perpendicular rather than vertical.  Also some size mods.  I have been thinking about remaking it for a while now and have yet to do it, I am sure that will be a future post :)

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