Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Battle of the Cards

I have been meaning to make some cards for friends, today I finally did it!  Well, I made one card, that's a start right?  I have one friend serving a mission for church that I have been meaning to write to.  I knew he would appreciate something cheery, so upon seeing this beautiful baby sky blue paper in my collection I received some inspiration!
 And I knew there HAD to be a sun!
 And of course it needed sun rays!
 So there we have the sun.  I trimmed the sun rays so it looked kind of sort of like looking out of a window.  And it just bothered me to have sun rays hanging off the edge.
 And there we have it!
 Baby Brother (don't be fooled by the name, he isn't a baby), got home from school and came in my room while I was making this, so I handed him a card and told him to draw something.  He came up with a missionary riding a fiesta unicorn.
Pretty sure he won this Battle of the Cards.

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