Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fabric Bunting

Okay!  It's been a loooonnnnggggg time.  My bad.  But I bring you....ta da!  Sewn Fabric Bunting!  Make it festive and fun, and in this case, for a baby's room!

Here we have a lovely selection of woodsy prints.  Chevrons, to owls, dots foxes.  Adorable!  And soooo easy to make.  It's not often that I start AND finish a project in one day.  But this only took watching 2 episodes of The Office to get put together!  Granted, I do have an awesome husband who loves cutting fabric that was helping me... :)

Fabric Bunting


5 Fat Quarters (or however many different patterns you would like)
1 Package of Bias Tape

Basic Tools
Pinking Shears (scalloped edge used here)
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Mat
Cutting Grid (6" x 24")
Sewing Machine


  1. Wash and iron your fabric.
  2. Laying your fat quarter length wise, use your cutting grid to cut a 6" strip.
  3. Again, using your cutting grid, cut equilateral (60°) triangles.  I used THIS tutorial, and do not think I could explain it any better!  You will need four triangles of each fabric.
  4. Time to sew!  Place two triangles with wrong sides together.  (I used matching triangles, but you could make it fun and different for a reversible bunting!).  Sew two sides of the fabric together with 1/2" seam allowance, leaving the top section open.  Do so for all 10 triangles.
  5. Use the pinking shears to trim up the edges.
  6. Arrange the order of your triangles!
  7. Unwrap the bias tape and iron.
  8. Fold the bias tape in half to find the middle, and place triangle #6 into the bias tape.  Pin through the bias tape and fabric at each edge of the triangle.  
  9. Place the triangles tip to tip within the bias tape, pinning each time.
  10. Sew the length of the bias tape where the triangles begin, with your sewing 1/4" from the bottom of the bias tape.
  11. Ta da!  This goes super quick, and now I want to make a ton of them!  Good luck :)

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